Monday, July 16, 2012


Great event with Friends and Porsche owners who enjoy a day out on the beach; or shall we say on the grass? Hundreds of Porsche fans showed up for this lovely annual event. Nancy Baker has represented Personalized Autohaus.

We have met several of Personalized Autohaus clients at the event!

1963 356 Coupe in Guards Red - owner Tom H.
 Original Engine rebuilt by Personalized Autohaus in 2010

Mostly 356 Porsches and Speedsters in every single color you can imagine...

Convertible D in Meissen Blue....

Butt-shot :)

 Nepal-Orange.....LOVE THIS COLOR!!!

Carrera; this in a great color! Smyrna green ?

Who says you can't go surfing with a Porsche?!

Here is one of the OutLaws on the lawn...

This is a very rare 1952 Gloeckler-Porsche Roadster in Concours condition!

A Sunroof Coupe; CUTE!!!

The most beautiful Speedster at this event in Meissen Blue - pristine condition!!

And saved the best for last....

We just love these VW camper buses :)

See you at the next event!

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