Friday, December 20, 2013

1956 Speedster ground-up restoration by Personalized Autohaus

This beautiful Speedster is owned by a customer of Personalized Autohaus. Our knowledgeable team has been doing a ground-up restoration since the automobile was purchased in 2012.

We will run a complete story about this restoration with before and after pictures all the way through this restoration process and we will add more photos and documentation along the way.

Chief Porsche mechanic is Glenn Roberts; Personalized Autohaus part-owner, who has completely rebuilt the engine and transmission for this beautiful automobile.

Original color of this 1956 manufactured Speedster was Poyantha Red (which shows under dash) but was repainted by previous owner to Canary Yellow.  The new owner will restore this beautiful car for a unique special order color combination: color code# 5707 aquamarine blue (non-metallic) exterior paint with brown interior.  
Here are the pictures according to the correct timeline:

Wayne Baker with Glenn Roberts have inspected and looked through every inch of the automobile 

Thorough tech inspection by the experts at Personalized Autohaus

Speedster coming apart...Engine out...
Original color was Poyantha Red; which barely shows under dash
Wrong front grill..not period correct for the year but it will be replaced
All wrapped up....
down to bare metal....
Meanwhile Glenn has taken apart the engine and laid it all out on his "operating table"
Glenn doing Quality Control

Engine after rebuild and restoration by Glenn Roberts- Chief Porsche Mechanic

Panels come off... (note the Tear drop taillights openings that are wrong and not period correct for the 56/57 year Speedster)
Being prepped for paint...
Color test of Acquamarin Blue #5707

Making corrections for period correct "beehive" tail lights on the '57 Speedster - work performed by G.A. Coachwork located at 3556 Hancock St, San Diego, CA 92110 Tel: (619) 299-3099
Opening of the Beehive taillights right on spot!
Final Prime coat is sanded and Speedster is ready for the Paint job!!
The paint is finished and the color is sharp! code# 5707 aquamarine blue (non-metallic)

The '57 Speedster will be beautiful with the period correct beehive taillights 
The color turned out to be great!
Speedster is back at the shop in Personalized Autohaus for engine and transmission installation

New Transmission parts laid out ready to be assembled by Glenn Roberts Porsche Expert Mechanic

Wiring harness is being assembled by Glenn Roberts Porsche mechanic and Restoration expert at Personalized Autohaus
Porsche emblems fit beautifully....
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Stammtisch with 356 Porsche Friends

A "Stammtisch" is an informal group meeting held on a regular basis, and also the usually large, often round table around which the group meets. A Stammtisch is not a structured meeting, but rather a friendly get-together...Well we had our first official Stammtisch at a friend's house here in San Diego, California and it was so nice to see friends and their vintage Porsches for a casual dining chit chat. The photos say it all!

"Stammtisch" with the sign above the garage at host house and Wayne and Nancy Baker's 1958 Convertible D " Ladybug" who arrived first. Full restoration by Personalized Autohaus
Cool touch with the numbers on the deck.....
356 Speedsters - if you didn't know the numbers will help ;)
Jean F. with her beloved 1955 Speedster -engine rebuilt by Personalized Autohaus in'12
The 356 Gang of San Diego ......

Wayne and Nancy Baker with another local 356 friend
Here's our round table discussion with the Speedsters in the background
Cool cars & Cool photos!
Chris S. rolling in with his cool yellow Speedster
The cars are always the center of the attention at these gatherings! So much to talk about....
Good idea by the host couple! Hope we will do this casual gathering again!

Lovely "356" cake to finish :) 
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