Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BMW scheduled Maintenance - Brakes

Car hassles can be frustrating. They usually happen at the most inconvenient of times, and often when you're just about as far away from an automotive repair shop as possible. But you can do something to avoid all that stress. You can put the scheduled maintenance for your BMW that is recommend by the manufacturer, in the hand of a professional and experience garage. You can save yourself a lot of trouble that way.

The brakes are of course, an essential part of a car. Your safety, your life and those of others depend upon your brakes working well. Just like having good brakes are important, getting a good mechanic to look after them is essential also. Have them check out the brake fluid levels and see that the braking system is working correctly. You really don't want to find out when you need them that your brakes are soft or the fluid is too low or dirty to work, so get them professionally checked on a regular basis. We at Personalized Autohaus will inspect your brakes at every oil change and adjust tire pressure if necessary; that is all part of our complimentary multipoint inspection.

Brake Rotors and pads of a 2006 325I

For dealership quality BMW service and repair call (858) 586-7771 and talk with Eric Benner Certified Master Technician. We offer 15% labor discount for first time customers.    

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Volvo service recommended at 100K miles

We have a 2000 Volvo V70 as a perfect example to demonstrate what needs to be done for a 100K or 105K miles service. If the vehicle is about 10-12 years old  we recommend the following items to be checked and components to be replaced as necessary. Be on top of your maintenance schedule to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly and will have an extended life. Note: that 1996 and newer Volvos have an engine interference so replacing the timing belt is critical in order to prevent engine failure.

Clean and lubricate.  
Check fluid level, charge, mounting. Check for frequently when driving in severe climates.  
Brake Fluid
Brake Pad
Replace components as necessary.  
Fluid - A/T
Check/Adjust Fluid Level  
Power Steering Fluid
Check pressure, wear and condition.  
Doors, Hood and Trunk
Lubricate latches and hinges.  
Cabin Air Filter / Purifier
Recommended to replace more often in heavy traffic and or dirt / dusty areas.  
Engine Oil
Fuel Filter
Oil Filter, Engine
Timing Belt
Timing Belt Tensioner

For dealership quality Volvo service and repair call (858) 586-7771 and talk with Eric Benner Certified Volvo Master Technician. We offer 15% labor discount for first time customers.    

Thursday, April 18, 2013

914/6 Porsche restoration update

We have our customer's 1970 914/6 in the paint phase. This is a unique original, special order VW color: "saturngelb" which is kind of a metallic green with yellow shine in the sun. Upholstery will be the next stage in restoration. We will post updated pictures of the progress.

If you have an early Porsche project running or not on your hands we would welcome the opportunity to give you a free consultation. Talk with Wayne Baker expert - give us a call at (858) 586-7771 or e-mail 

Monday, April 15, 2013

356 Breakfast Club for San Diego vintage Porsche enthusiasts

What a nice group that gathers second Saturdays of the month from 7 to 9 am @ Studio diner at 4701 Ruffin Rd. San Diego, CA 92123.
We had about eight to ten cars and about 20 people or so meet at the diner to socialize and spend time together. We also had a fun drive together after the breakfast. Its always nice to see friends and catch up on Porsche events and happenings. Please join us next month May 11th. See you there!

Wayne and Nancy Baker's 1958 Convertible D in front of the Studio diner
Nice line up of vintage Porsches in the parking lot ( John Straub's white '67 911 in the middle)

Red Porsche Bonanza
Nice example of the rare 1955 356 Porsche Continental
The '55 Continental with red dash board
Great crowd!

To repair, service or tune up your early Porsche give us a call (858) 586-7771 and visit our website

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wayne Baker Racing at Thunderhill Raceway

Wayne Baker racing ran with Mel A. the first weekend in April at Thunderhill Raceway;  which is located near Willows, California 75 miles north of Sacramento.
The yellow 914/4 2.0 liter with 200 horsepower and 4 cylinder engine was in Group1 along with 16 other cars in race. Trek is 3 miles long and has 16 turns. Race is organized by SVRA (Sportscar Vintage Racing Association).
Mel really enjoyed the race through the hills and finished 4th overall in his class.    

Wayne Baker Racing provides vintage Porsche race support, transport and mentoring.
Call Wayne Baker for more information (619) 743-1356 or e-mail

Mel with his 1970 914/4
Ready  Set Go !

Race cars lined up at the start of the race

Mel finished 4th in the race in the yellow 914/4

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

La Jolla Concours d'Elegance 2013

What an amazing event! It seems like the La Jolla Concours is getting bigger by the year! Personalized Autohaus was showing this year Wayne Baker's 1958 Convertible D on the grass. We also had a couple other Personalized Autohaus customers showing their vintage Porsches including a 1962 Twin-Grill Roadster (owner Bob D.) & a 1963 Coupe (owner Tom H.) 
We all had a great time; again it's about the love of cars and the shared enthusiasm that connects the car owners.
Enjoy the photos and see you next year!

Concours set up early morning... pink La Valencia hotel in the background
"Ladybug" all shiny and excited for the show!

The '58 Convertible D being judged by the Concours judges
"All eyes on me"
Vintage Porsches lined up in the German Motors category  ('63  red Coupe and '62 red Twin-Grill Roadster in foreground Personalized Autohaus customers)
Sandy A. happily showing off the 1962 twin Grill Roadster  nicknamed "Tgr" Tigger  (engine and service by Personalized Autohaus)
'59 coupe on the right owned by Janice B. - engine and transmission work by Personalized Autohaus
Another Personalized Autohaus customer Pascal G. this time showing his cute Citroen

Sunroof coupe - Glacier white exterior with green interior - 1st place in German motor group
Beautiful raspberry 1955 300 SL Mercedes Gullwing - Winner of Best of show post-war

Perfect example what this Concours is all about.

1929 Packard Beautiful in color Purple!

Both Alfa Romeos were winners of their class...
Ford Woodie - perfectly restored with balsa wood surfboards on top
Great addition this year is the ramp to drive across for the champions
1937 Bugatti Type 57
The '37 Bugatti was collecting all big awards including best of the show pre-war

Monday, April 8, 2013

Motor Tour at La Jolla Concours - 2013

What an amazing Saturday to spend with fellow car enthusiasts to drive through the heart of San Diego, California. Tour started at the San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park and a drive through Little Italy and after a couple stops; it ended at the Grand Del Mar Hotel.
All four of  vintage Porsches at the Tour: the 1958 Convertible D, the 1962 Twin Grill Roadster, the 1963 Coupe and the 1956 Coupe; have been serviced and maintained by Personalized Autohaus and all of them ran flawlessly during the 100 mile tour. All four 356 Porsche engines have been restored by Personalized Autohaus.
The pictures tell more about what a great time we all had! It's all about the shared love of cars and that special comradery that exists among car owners. See you guys next year!
Nancy Baker is representing Personalized Autohaus in a '58 Convertible D
Sandy A. and Don K. driving the '62 Twin Grilled Roadster "Tgr" pronounced Tigger ( engine work and service by Personalized Autohaus)    
Tom H. in his 1963 Coupe - 2012 3rd place in its class at La Jolla Concours ( engine work and service by Personalized Autohaus)    
Bill N. in his 1956 356 coupe  ( engine work and service by Personalized Autohaus)

The Cadillac won the "Best of Tour" award
Locomobile won the 1st place in its class at the concours the next day

Cars gathering in parking lot - Another beautiful Cobra

Love the helmets!  Another winner in its class at the Concours the next day

Right before us the '62 Twin Grilled Roadster driving through balboa park.

Cool shot ...
Driving through Little Italy...
 Both Porsches ran great during tour ( engine work and service by Personalized Autohaus)

Shelby Cobra signed by Carroll Shelby on dash board

Beautiful Jaguar next to the Porsches representing Personalized Autohaus

Cars lined up on the grass at the Grand Del Mar

Enjoying the ride! Photo credit Don K.
Driving on the tour through Little Italy  - Photocredit Don K.
The Convertible D "Ladybug" drove like a champ. Awesome! Photocredit Don K.