Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Julien is one of our happy and satisfied customers. 
Personalized Autohaus has been servicing and fine tuning his beloved 1971 Targa.
Pictures are credited to and copyrighted by Laurent Nivalle.

FOR SALE: 1909 Model T


1909 Model T Ford

Chassis/Engine No. 5357
1932.7 miles accumulated since 1985 (total original miles around 3000)
Build date: June 21, 1909
The family of the original owner of this Model T donated the car to the Pettit Museum in Virginia after
the owner did not return from the war. In 1983, the Museum was closing due to highway interference
and most of the cars were being auctioned off. In 1983, Jim Cooley of San Diego, bought the car from
the auction. I, Wayne Baker, bought the car from Mr. Cooley in 1985.

After tinkering with the car upon taking possession, I got the car running (after more than 60 years of sitting idle). But because the car had been sitting for so many years, condensation had built up in the engine so it was torn down and pistons replaced (.010 thousands over-size). All babbet is original and standard. The car was repainted in 1985 Carmen Red. The canvas top was replaced and is like new and still has all of the original bows. The car has the original leather interior which shows it’s patina after 103 years.
The chassis has rare aluminum sheet metal built by Pontiac and has the original wooden-spoke wheels. It has a 2-speed Ruxtall rear-end and small Rocky Mountain rear brakes. It has the original wood frame body and floor boards and the radiator is all original too. All the brass lights and fixtures are in beautiful condition.
Original windshield installed by us and was offered as an option by the factory.
We are members of the La Jolla Region Horseless Carriage Club, Model T Ford Club of San Diego and the National Model T Ford Club and have gone on many local tours with the clubs.
I have owned this car for 27 years and feel it is time to pass it on to a good home.
Asking $125,000
Wayne Baker
(858) 586-7771 days M-F 7:00-4:00  Cell (619) 743-1356  waynebaker@earthlink.net

Wayne and Nancy Baker won 3rd place in class with the 1909 Model T at The La Jolla Concours d'Elegance in 2010

Monday, June 25, 2012

In 1983, Wayne Baker's GTO 934 was the first to accomplish an overall win at Sebring. History in the making!!!

In the February 2012 issue of Autoweek, they listed the top 20 greatest wins in Sebrings' 60 yr history.


Number 15 on the list was the GTO class and overall winner, Wayne Baker in his Porsche 934, co-driven by Kees Nierop and Jim Mullen.
After 12 grueling hours, they were able to outlast the faster GTP prototypes and GTX racers who had various mechanical issues during the race. Their winning margin of victory was only 90 seconds over the second place finisher, Bob Akin in his Porsche 935 with his co-drivers Dale Whittington and John O'Steen.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Dunkel Bros. - Porsche, Woody, Hot Rod Collectibles

On May 5, 2012  Peter and Cheryl Dunkel opened their business (Dunkel Bros.) to Porsche, woody and hot rod enthusiasts for an open house with food and drinks and a tour of their mini museum with hundred's of collectible items.
Peter and Nancy at the entrance to his museum.
A collection of rare Indian bikes
James Dean collection of memorabilia
Peters brother's collection of woody memorabilia
Vintage Chris Craft boat


Hi folks, is this the cutest dash ever? Out of a 1953 Cabriolet. Love the Telefunken radio :)


I've been around Porsches for a long time but never seen this type of map light.Very rare!

Pictures copyrighted by Personalized Autohaus. 2012.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


We have lent our beloved Bumble Bee to our friends John and Michele Jenkins in 2004 for their cross-counrty road trip due to their Porsche breaking down in Arizona; where Wayne Baker rescued them. They have exchanged their Porsches in Yuma and so they continued their trip with BumbleBee and put 14,000 miles on it. They have successfully completed their mission and have never gotten in an accident. They were on a mission to find the best BBQ joints in America and to visit friends and family on the East Coast. (that was before the Food Network guy doing the same in a recent TV show...)

See picture below former president Bush's favorite BBQ place in Llamo,Texas.
(please exuse photo quality scanned from the originals)

BumbleBee here in front of a Victorian style home somewhere in New Jersey.

We chose to document BumbleBee's original condition to preserve these precious memories!
So this is how the story goes....we have received all these postcards from their favorite stops all over the U.S. written to us as if "BumbleBee" was re-living their adventures:  


Nancy & her boys: You'll be pleased to know we christened the Bumble Bee in West TX on an entrance ramp near Pecos, TX. Adjusted the valves this morning. Oil change tomorrow. B.B. still running great. Bought some seat pads at Target.  Austin, TX  - 21 Sep 2004


Wayne: Found a 10/9 mm open-end wrench laying next to the road that extends from under the floor board back thru the tunnel. Your throttle won't be sticking any more. It was rubbing/wedged next to the throttle rod.  Little Rock, AR  - 25 Sep 2004


You know the guys you see in KFC commercial on TV? we took this picture at the London, KY Chicken Festival. Blocks of booths, tents, food carts, etc. Blocks... Not one whole damn town. Not one single chicken. Not one. Roanoke, VA - 28 Sep 2004


Wayne & Nancy: I took some pictures of your car here. You can say that your car has shared the same space as two USA presidents. Other presidents, e.g. Thomas Jefferson, visited often. BumbleeBee seems to be "sorted out" now for the long haul. Richmond, VA - 02 Oct 2004


Drove through New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire today. A beautiful clear autumn day with crisp air, turning (color) leaves, and two lane roads. Bumble Bee is running great. Portsmouth, NH - 3 Oct 2004


BumbleBee wrote the postcard this time:
"I got a break today! They put me on this big boat so I get to ride. It's not fair, though. They get to sit up in a lounge while I ride in this dingy hole. Me, with my shiny wax job, and no one is allowed to see me. I really looked good next to all the fall leaves. Yellow is the best color with gold, red , and orange. Runnin' down the road, Bumble Bee." - New Brunswick ~ Nova Scotia, Canada 04 Oct  09:00 am 2004


Move over lobster, we're eating scallops now.  O← scallop juice! After lunch we'll be driving around the island enroute to Halifax. This will be last card for a while. Digby, Nova Scotia - 07 Oct 2004


Valves adjusted  here at 40,771. Just above freezing this morning. At least the wind wasn't blowing. Will set oil & change it as soon as I can find Castrol. Best Regards, BB  Duluth MN -12 oct 2004

End of the trip....Back to California now! See you soon daddy :)  The End.

Hopefully many more trips like this to come.....

Thank you Nancy & Wayne Baker @ Personalized Autohaus.