Thursday, February 28, 2013

Performance upgrade for a 2.2 engine

Glenn Roberts, chief Porsche mechanic at Personalized Autohaus, has been working on a 914/6 engine to give it essentially more horsepower! Here is a short summary what it takes to accomplish this project (see all pictures)
  • we opened up the intake manifolds to 34 mms, changed the cams to early Solex 911 cams to make more torque. 
  • Then put in an igniter in the distributor. Changed to 40 IDA Weber Carburetors (had 30mms before). 
  • we installed Piston & cylinders to make engine from 2 Ltr to 2.2 Liter  
The 914/6 car is in the body shop at the moment getting painted then Glenn will install updated engine.

Engine was pulled from the car
 Engine parts taken apart, laid out for easy assembly
Glenn Roberts working on the intake manifolds of the 914/6 engine
 Glenn after cleaning the heads and parts he is putting them all back together  
Cam Towers Left and Right
 Intake manifolds installed and ported
 Quality inspection...
After fan shroud installed engine is coming nicely together
Completed engine is ready to be installed

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

356 Club of Southern California's All-Porsche Swap and Car Display Sunday March 3rd, 2013

Excerpt from 356 Club of Southern California newsletter of the biggest All-Porsche Swap Meet on the west coast: 
The All-Porsche Swap & Car Display will again be held on the day after the Lit Meet on Sunday, March 3rd at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. It's located at 1340 South Sanderson, Anaheim, CA 92806. This will be our fourth year here and the site has been a great home.

The Anaheim Swap Meet draws lots of cars from regional Porsche clubs. 
Photo by Bruce Sweetman. Source:  Autoweek "The L.A. Lit Meet & More"

All Porsche swap meet is great place to find rare parts...

Event sponsor, the 356 Club of Southern California will have indoor vendor displays in the FestHalle with 11,500 feet under one roof! Outdoors, we have about 2 acres of room for more vendors, swappers and large grass soccer field for car corrals.  Parking has been an issue as this event has grown, but we have solved that problem and we'll have plenty of parking available to Porsche nuts not driving their Porsche's within 100 meters of the main entrance. 

This event will take us back to a simpler time in a very unique setting; to a time when the Internet was not your primary source for used Porsche parts; a time when the local Southern California Porsche owner's gathered each winter to swap, fender fondle, see old friends and appreciate the breed. There will be vendors dedicated to our Porsche hobby and plenty of swap space will be available. If you have a car for sale, bring it and put a sign and information sheet in the window and sell it.  

Porsche 356's have rock star parking, so have a twenty dollar bill ready to go at the gate. The gates open to the Porsche parking on the grounds of the Phoenix Club at 8 AM. Seeing all the Porsche's parked there will be incredible! The walk-in gate will be open at 8:00 AM and admission will be $10. Breakfast and lunch with a German flavor will be available from open to close. Be sure you stop by the Bierstube to finish off the day.

Have fun & good luck!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

'58 Speedster Restoration in progress

Personalized Autohaus has yet another restoration in progress. The yellow '58 Speedster is at the body shop and is in primer at the moment. The speedster was originally a Polyantha red but the owner is still deciding on paint color, and is leaning towards silver for new color. Interior will be either kept at original black or will be changed to red upholstery. Will be gorgeous when eventually complete. We will be posting photos during the upcoming months of all the stages of the restoration.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wayne Baker Racing's overall win at the 1983 12Hours of Sebring

Wayne Baker and his 1983 12Hours of Sebring historic victory is always being retold coming Sebring's annual March anniversary. This one is a nice story about the yellow Porsche 934 nicknamed as "Fred's school bus".
Wayne Baker in his winning Porsche 934  in 1983 (photo taken at Mid-Ohio by Jack Webster)
  Wayne is on Fire! Winning the 12 hours of Sebring in 1983 with "Fred's school bus
Photocredit: Jim Vandercrake
Here are some excerpts of the article that has been published on the official website of American Le Mans Series.You can read the full article when you follow the link:


The Underdog Upset

Charles Dressing’s retelling of Sebring’s 1983 race
 Americans love underdogs but hate losers. And we really love upsets because they turn reality inside out and generally make the mighty look weak.
So when anyone demands a prediction, I try to hide because I always remember some races that didn’t quite go the way the experts reckoned...
And then … there was the 1983 12 Hours of Sebring.
 But no one picked Wayne Baker’s No. 9 Porsche 934 to win the 1983 12 Hours. No matter. Wayne, ace vintage and historic racer Jim Mullen and Kees Nierop did just that in the well-used  – and 1981 Daytona 24 Hours-winning – 935 that Wayne converted to 934 specs and then back again later.

The No. 9 Porsche 934 was the biggest surprise winner in Sebring's history. Photo: Leonard Turner

 They started 14th – outside row seven and right in front of the No. 7 upset contender Mazda RX-7 of Pete Halsmer and Rick Knoop. The yellow “school bus” 934 just plugged around trying to stay within sight of the GTO podium. When the third “hourlies” were published, old No. 9 had eased into the overall top 10. The rest of the field – including a few new GTP cars – suffered bouts of chemical and mechanical illnesses, plus the typical wicked Sebring fates that make us love the race. By the end of the seventh hour, the school bus was being widely ignored – despite its top-10 performance – as Halsmer and “the Knoopster” had the amazing Racing Beat Mazda up to second overall. And it wasn’t even dark yet.

Deep in the eleventh hour, the “school bus” (as many now called Wayne’s stout yellow No. 9 935/934 GTO Porsche) eased into the lead. But it was low on fuel and its handling had decayed. The 31st annual 12 Hours of Sebring was about to become the biggest upset since 1954 (if you count any race won by Stirling Moss an upset).
Wayne’s crew didn’t tell him he was leading overall. When they directed him to Victory Lane and the flashbulbs started popping, he had a few moments of confusion. Hardly the first of the bizarre race day.
But in three decades and through three sanctioning bodies – and I forget how many circuit modifications – it never got as weird as the night of March 19, 1983.

 1983 Sebring winners (from left) Jim Mullen, Wayne Baker, Kees Nierop. Photo: SIR Archive

Charles Dressing is one of sports car racing’s foremost historians and is a walking, talking encyclopedia on the sport. Part of the ALMS broadcast and production crew, his blog appears every other Wednesday.

Also read the detailed story about this  famous Sebring win by Wayne Baker previously posted on the blog  

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'64 Sunroof Coupe restoration update

Things that we have completed on the '64 sunroof coupe:  transmission is installed, brakes are done. At this stage of the restoration process every singe detail needs a lot of attention. If you have specific questions stop by our shop and talk with the experts. The Wayne Baker Team welcomes you to our Porsche Family: Wayne Baker- owner, vintage race car driver and Porsche expert, Glenn Roberts- Chief Mechanic, Eric Benner- Certified Master Technician . Give us a call at (858) 586-7771 and set up an appointment for a Porsche Restoration consultation.

Monday, February 11, 2013

New customers & new projects welcome!

We are always excited to greet new customers at Personalized Autohaus. We have welcomed this 1958 Speedster into our Porsche family and it's been a joy to see her coming back to life after being tucked away in the garage for the past 10 years! This Speedster is a beauty and in great condition; all it really needs to be worked on are the breaks and a new gas tank. We are rebuilding the fuel pump, dual stage master cylinder among others. She will be in top condition to be a daily driver! Customer is very excited getting it out on the road!

 We always appreciate referrals and happily offer new customers 15% Labor Discount at the first visit! Call (858)586-7771 to make an appointment or e-mail

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Volvo Maintenance & Repair

Look no further for all your Volvo Service needs including Volvo maintenance, Volvo repair, a Volvo oil change, quality OEM replacement parts and as always… great customer service!
We would love to make you and your Volvo part of our Volvo family here at Personalized Autohaus in San Diego.
Remember… regular service and maintenance is THE MOST IMPORTANT attention you can give to your Volvo! When we service your Volvo at Personalized Autohaus –  you get Dealership Quality Service at Reasonable Prices. Schedule your Volvo Service Today! Just give us a call: (858) 586-7771  

We offer a 15% Labor Discount for new Customers! And 10% Labor Discount for Military, Teachers, Seniors, Police and Fire dept!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

356 Breakfast Studio Diner on Saturday February 9th 2013

A reminder to all our 356 Porsche friends: the next breakfast club is this upcoming Saturday at the Studio Diner on February 9th from 7am to 9am. 4701 Ruffin Rd  San Diego, CA 92123
See some pictures from previous gatherings. It is always fun to share breakfast, coffee and stories with your local 356 enthusiasts.  Hope to see you there!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Proud to be Photo of the Month on!

Our 1959 Convertible D was selected to be photo of the month by the editor of PCA website.[POTM_gal]/1/

We will be also showcasing our Ladybug at the La Jolla Concours D' Elegance coming up on Sunday April 7th 2013 in the Class A3 "Post-War Production Open" category. Hope to see you there!

 Photo of the month: Ladybug at Mount Soledad Memorial Cross
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