Friday, September 28, 2012

Volvo and It's History

Volvo was started in 1927 in Sweden. As a company it managed to grow in the 1900's as one of the top automobiles to have for a fair price and great quality. Volvo specialists realize that history is important when it comes to a car company. It is this history that builds on a concept, bringing you a vehicle you can trust. The name Volvo was chosen because it means "I Roll" in Latin.

The first series of Volvo was the OV4. Now they have numerous models you can choose from. In the first year that Volvo was made they created 297 cars. They also debuted a truck in 1928, which was quite a success. Volvo did not reach recognition around the world until after World War II. By then they were creating a bus and aircraft engine. In 1999 Volvo Car Corporation was sold to Ford Motor Company. The Volvo car is just a portion of the Volvo Group. However, the cars are being manufactured through Ford with the Volvo specifications.
The iconic Swedish car brand was bought in 2010 by the Chinese carmaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group for $1.8bn, from Ford Motor Company.
Volvo has been currently developing new generation hybrid and electric vehicles, that will debut soon.

Volvo specialists and Volvo Servicing specialists like Personalized Autohaus can help you service and fix your current Volvo. With such a long history as a Swedish company it is apparent why Volvo is considered high quality.

Volvo Servicing should be done by a Certified Volvo Technician like Eric Benner at Personalized Autohaus to ensure that all replacement parts are genuine Volvo or equal in quality. Consider how long the business has been open, whether their quotes are competitive, and whether their pricing on vehicles is competitive. Volvo independent specialists can offer you top quality, great prices, and a local place for you to shop. They are dedicated to making sure you get the car of your choice.

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Congratulations to Sandy, our new 356 Porsche Owner at Personalized Autohaus!

Wayne Baker has helped Sandy A. achieving her dream of owning a Porsche 356. As of today Sep.28 2012 she is a proud and very happy owner of her own Ruby Red 1964 356 Coupe.

It was love at first sight for Sandy! The very first time she came to the shop to check out an available 356 she just knew.....she nicknamed her new car "Winnie the Pooh" or just short for "Winnie".

Wayne is explaining Sandy about the car's history and origin. The vehicle was accompanied by all original Porsche Certificates, documentations and was in very good condition.

Again, we welcome Sandy as Porsche enthusiast  and a new member of the 356 Club. 
Sandy's new Porsche was serviced by previous owner and will be serviced by Personalized Autohaus

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Volvo Car Maintenance

What you must do, once in a month, is to check up you car yourself! Fluids are an important part of your Volvo car. Make sure that all the fluids are up to the top line and that the oil is lubricating the car system properly. Take care of the radiator coolant, the brake fluid, the oil levels, the windshield washer fluid, your power steering fluid, your Hydraulic Clutch fluid, and your Automatic Transmission fluid. The last three may not apply to most cars, but for those who do have it, it is important to maintain them properly.

Coolant leaks are common in cars which have weak or old radiator hoses. Locate the radiator hose in your car and make sure that there are no fissures, tears or tattered ends. If there are, you need to change them immediately. Squeeze the hoses, when the engine is cold and see whether they are brittle. Also, check the clamps and make sure the hoses cannot be turned. The hoses should not be wet or damp there either. If they are, either tighten the clamps or replace them.

Check your Volvo belts as well. They are very important, and loose or broken belts are very hard to manage. The belts are generally located at the front of the engine. Usually, the number of belts depends on the car itself. They operate the fan, air conditioner, alternator, water pump and the smog pump. Press down on the longest part of the belt, between the pulleys with your thumb. Check the manual that comes along with the car, to check the tension of the belts. Make sure that the tension is the same. Otherwise, replace them.
Your engine is the most important part of the car and it is equally important to take proper care of it. Every now and then, open the hood of your car, and take a look at your engine. It is possible to find leaks simply by looking over. Make sure that none of the fluids are leaking and if they are repair them. Look under the engine and under the car as well with the help of a flashlight. Make sure that there is no dampness sticking to an area.

There are other things you can do to keep your Volvo in tip-top condition. Examine the battery of the car for cable end for corrosion, make sure that all the lights are in perfect condition and occasionally start your car with the hood up and making sure it sounds all right. Regularly check the windshield wipers, and the tire pressure. Make sure the tires don't have glass, nails or lesions in them.

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Volvo Cars Have Always Been Durable

Throughout the history of the automobile, Volvo cars have always been known as durable. This is one of Volvos claims to fame. It is also why these vehicles have been so popular and why they are still around years after other brands of cars.

 When it comes to durability, no other vehicle is as synonymous as the Volvo cars. They were made to be nearly indestructible and they lived up to that. Many old cars are still running today. Even the cars that are not on the road any longer will not have an owner that will say anything but good things about the car that served them so well for so many years.
When people own a Volvo, they know that they are buying a car that will not have to be replaced anytime soon. Instead of getting rid of the car, it will often just get handed down to one of the children. Then they go out and purchase a new Volvo to take the old one's place. This is because these people are totally dedicated to this car.

Once you drive Volvo cars, no other car is going to be the same. Not only are they durable, but they are also very drivable. One of the problems with most cars that are built to last is that they can be hard to handle.
The same cannot be said about Volvo. They are very user friendly and they do not have issues with stability on the road.
The car also handles like a dream which is another reason that people love them so much.
Those who are looking to purchase a new car would do well with any model made by Volvo. They are still built as tough as they were when the first one was made so many decades ago. You are going to get a great car that is going to last you and your family for many, many years.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why Turn to Personalized Autohaus For Your Volvo Repair Service!

Volvo cars are globally renowned as the kind of cars that are safe, comfortable and stylish to drive. This is because quality was of paramount importance to the men who founded Volvo. Basically, this is the concept, which was formulated back in 1926 and up until today, it remains to be Volvo's way of making cars.
If you own one you probably might be worrying about it breaking down suddenly and get you stranded some place, which would make you badly require a mechanic. This won't be a big problem if you know a good and reliable auto shop that offers quality Volvo repair service.

In finding the perfect Volvo repair service, it is wise if you consider some important things and make it as your basis in this endeavor. First, it is important to know that the repair shop you are going to deal with has auto mechanics that are all ASE Volvo Expert, and Volvo Master certified. This means they passed the Automotive Service Excellence tests and diagnostics exams to prove their expertise in the various kinds of car repair services especially on Volvo cars. Dealing with them means you will save time and money as they will be able to determine the exact problem, so that you only spend money on what is needed.
At Personalized Autohaus you will find Eric Benner your trusted Volvo Certified Master Technician  to help you with all your Volvo needs. Check out our team profile at


What some of your Volvo car repair needs are the following:
Tune up. Tuning up your Volvo includes replacement of certain parts at recommended intervals or if they are already showing excessive wear and tear. Most vehicles today especially Volvos need a tune up every 35,000 to 65,000 miles depending on driving conditions.
Aside from system tune ups, fluids are also an important part of your Volvo car. It is important to make sure that all the fluids are up to the top line and that the oil is lubricating the car system properly.
Brake System Repair. Brake repairs are critical, of course! Your brakes keep you and your family safe. Brake parts like brake rotors for your Volvo car, unlike any domestic, are built with minimal thicknesses to save weight. This means they can't just be "turned" instead they must be replaced.
Cooling System Service & Repair. The cooling system of Volvo cars, like any other car, performs a critical function. It maintains proper engine temperature and prevents it from overheating. Cooling system repairs for your Volvo car typically includes replacement of the cooling system parts including water pump, thermostat, radiator, cooling fan, drive belts or hoses among others.

The next time your Volvo car cries out for attention, bring it in for some mechanical TLC only from the experts. Keeping the entirety of your Volvo properly fixed and maintained can make you a happy motorist.
Visit your San Diego local Dealership alternative Personalized Autohaus at and Call (858) 586-7771 to make an appointment and receive 15% Labor Discount on all service for first time customers!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

VOLVO has the Quality Combined With the Backing of a Trusted Name

Volvo Service by Personalized Autohaus
Volvo as all car enthusiasts know, is by now world famous and a trusted name in the automobile industry, and quality being of paramount importance to the company. The principles on which the first car was manufactured, are still upheld by Volvo companies all over the world. Hence taking care of your vehicle with genuine Volvo Parts is considered not only important but vitally essential. Proper care and regular maintenance will not only outlast many other vehicles on the roads, it is certain to give you many years of driving pleasure as well.

 Sheldon Finn with his beloved 1991  940 Volvo in great condition maintained and serviced by Personalized Autohaus since 2000.  Volvo has 294,000 miles and still running great!

Volvo being the most dependable vehicle also needs careful selection of original parts which are manufactured by Volvo OEM parts, if you genuinely want your car to give you satisfactory service for a longer period of time then trust Volvo Parts. And locate a dependable company (such as Personalized Autohaus in San Diego) close to the place you live, your quest will help you get the quality parts and a reliable company.
 Volvo Parts and Volvo cars are synonymous with the most modern and forward countries in the World,Sweden. Redefining the classical values and bringing the most powerful and respected car brands in our midst. To stress our point on quality and trust, we would like to share with you a story of a retired science teacher who has been driving his Volvo P1800 since the year 1966 for over four decades and has covered more than 2.7 million miles.

Locate a mechanic who is trained and also qualified to repair your Volvo engine. One of the easiest and simplest way of opting for a good mechanic is, to lace a Certified Volvo technichian, such as Eric Benner at Personalized Autohaus.

If you want your car to give you high performance, then it is important for you to take it for a regular maintenance. A word of caution here, risking your car to someone that is not qualified may result in an expensive risk.
Technology has not only evolved in other genres of our lives, it has also advanced in car spare parts as well, the Volvo Parts which are delivered in present times actually have a higher quality then when the first car left the assembly line way back in 1927. As an example synthetic rubber has replaced natural rubber, giving more durability and much higher resistance to our ever present UV rays.

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Coronado Speed Fest 2012

The 15th annual Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival – “The Race at the Base” – was joined by thousands of race enthusiasts and fans in this premier motorsports event saluting our nation’s military and celebrating the Navy's 50 years in Coronado.

Wayne Baker Racing was represented by Tony Kopacz; retired Navy captain, who has been racing vintage Porsches since  2000. Tony's wife Ann has been a driver herself too for a few years, now she is just accompanying Tony to the races for support.
Tony was racing in Group 6; which unfortunately wasn't the right group for his engine size, but still finished the race and improved his track time.

Wayne Baker servicing the burgundy 911 and mentoring Tony
Navy helicopters giving and airshow over the race track.

Wayne Baker Racing is available for personalized racing packages, that involve driver mentoring, transporting, and race support. Contact or call Wayne Baker on his Cell (619) 743-1356

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"On the Road" by Nick Psyllos

Many of you know that I convinced Adele that it would be a fun adventure for us to drive my silver 1973 911S across the US to join the R Gruppe (a car club for early 911 enthusiasts) for an event in Snowshoe West Virginia in late September.  Certainly to many, 3,000 miles in a 40 year old sports car that is loud, has no A/C, and has pretty stiff suspension seems crazy.  To my fellow R Gruppe friends, they thinks it’s awesome.  Originally, we had planned to take 6-7 days to drive from San Diego to VW taking our time and picking a route that includes very few Interstate Highways and with a number of stops along the way.  That plan has now changed and the first leg of our trip is to Telluride Colorado for a week long family vacation and then to Denver where I will store the car until late September where we will pick things up again. I got full buy-in from Adele on this idea, so I’m writing this first update from Telluride.

  Nick and his wife Adele
Our first day drive from San Diego to the Grand Canyon was fantastic; we left our driveway at 6AM to avoid the heat that has been hanging over the southwest for the past two or three weeks.  I think we made it to Yuma before my coffee was cold and then headed north on 95 toward Quartzite well before the heat was a factor.  The traffic was light (none—who goes to Quartzite?) and we made our first gas stop and break.  Next stop was Prescott, where we had lunch.  The drive up to Prescott was fun; finally found some good twisty roads to enjoy.

We made to the Grand Canyon in what must have been record time.  My radar detector never beeped and I don’t think we saw more than a dozen cars.  We had our first glimpse of the GC from the grounds at the El Tovar Lodge where we also enjoyed a great meal and watched a fast moving rain cell sweep across us in about 30 minutes.  We were surprised at how much water was produced in such a short period of time but it certainly left the air cool and clean and the colors in the canyon and sky as sunset came upon us were amazing.  It was a great first day.

Sunday morning we were up for sunrise at the canyon, near the visitors center so we could exit the park via the east gate and then work our way around Monument Valley toward Colorado.  Once again the big ditch was spectacular in the early morning light, we stayed about an hour longer than we thought we would as we just couldn’t seem to pull ourselves away.  The road that takes you around the eastern side of the canyon was great; it was smooth as glass and with no traffic we had a nice “spirited” drive through the park.  The rest of the way to Telluride was another high speed day of travel across the Navajo Nation and the varied terrain of Arizona and southern Colorado.  Again, no pesky law enforcement was present and my silver 911 hauled butt all the way to Telluride where we met our friends and settled in.  We’ve rented a beautiful house (VRBO is great) in town with our friends the Burke’s along with all the kids, except for Matthew who’s gallivanting around Europe right now.

From the perspective of a car guy, it is just a treat to experience a cross country drive in my '73 Porsche.  The driving is engaging and commands your attention the entire time.  It’s easy to appreciate the design, engineering and craftsmanship that make these cars so special.  I’m happy for the week vacation with the family in Telluride, but I also can’t wait to continue this excellent adventure. 

Footnote: Nick has nicknamed the 911S "Frenchie" because he brought the car from a French customer of Personalized Autohaus and it was shipped over to the U.S. 

Nick's '73 911S has been serviced by Personalized Autohaus since 2005

Friday, September 14, 2012

Road America Gallery by Wayne Baker Racing

Wayne Baker and Tony Kopacz posing together with the 914/6. This was Tony's first time racing the 914/6 with 210 HP and 2.0 liter engine.  Wayne Baker Racing team finished 11th but started from 33rd place. Great Race overall considering the rain and crashes.

See you at the next event at Coronado Speed Festival September 22-23. 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Birth of a Racer (or two). A Successful First Year! - by Tony Kopacz

The HSR West 2.0 liter series was created as a take off of the successful HSR series that had been running on the east coast. Ed Swart had worked for Joe Pendegrass, who heads up the HSR East series, and had created a similar series on the West coast.

Wayne Baker approached Ed in September, 2000 to create a 2.0 liter Porsche Challenge race group to be part of the HSR West series. Ed asked Wayne to find sponsors for the group, provide track support and find participants. Because of Wayne’s relationship with Yves Junne, who co-piloted Stanley Gold’s Porsche 910 at the prestigious Tour Auto in 2000, Motul Lubricants became the prime sponsor. Yves is head of World Marketing for the company.

Wayne Baker racing an RSK

The next step was to find drivers. One of the first to step up to the plate was Tony Kopacz, a Navy Captain. Since 1975, Tony had owned a 1970 Porsche 911T, which had been maintained strictly as a street car by Personalized Autohaus (Wayne’s Porsche service shop) for the previous 25 years. Tony had been contemplating doing something with the car, and was debating between concouring and racing.

Tony and his wife, Ann, attended the 1999 Coronado Speed Festival, where Wayne was driving the same Porsche 910. This was the first auto race that Tony and Ann had ever attended. They were so impressed, not only by the cars, but by the people involved, that they started giving serious consideration to taking up the sport. It was at this event that Tony and Wayne negotiated a trade. One airplane ride to and from the U.S.S. John C. Stennis for a ride in the Porsche 910. Tony and Ann fulfilled their part of the bargain with a COD flight to the aircraft carrier that Fall, as was reported in the January, 2000 Windblown Witness.

Wayne’s part was covered on a test day at Willow Springs International Raceway soon after the Stennis trip. After that day on the track, they were sold on racing. A trip to Bondurant and some suspension mods, and Tony was ready for time trialing at Qualcomm Stadium. Shortly after this race career began came a transfer to Washington, D.C. This move made the racing career a little more complicated, and ended up being a “fly and drive” program.

In 2001, Tony started a 7-race series with HSR West, starting with a March event at WSIR. Ann was being very supportive about Tony’s new “career,” but he wanted her to be involved as a driver as well. Tony could not get out of D.C. for the next series event at Thunderhill. Ann was scheduled to attend the Bondurant school and, four days after graduating, she was piloting the 911 at the Thunderhill Sprint and Enduro races.

Since then Tony has gone from the primary driver, to secondary driver, to backup driver, to grease monkey… to looking for another car! Oh well!!!

Tony Kopacz in his burgundy 911

Early on, Annie figured out that trying to keep the 911 a “streetable” resulted in a car that was not competitive. She asked how they could increase performance, and the next thing you knew the passenger seat and anything else easily removed was gone (about 80 pounds). That marked the beginning of the end of the street car.

Wayne provided the organization, car preparation, track support, driver training and mentoring that created the framework that allowed these novice drivers to develop their driving skills in a controlled, safe (and rapid) manner. The progress made by all ten drivers in this program was phenomenal. Not only did the group provide competition for each other, the camaraderie that grew and the social aspect of the team became as significant as the driving experience.

After forty years in the Navy, Tony decided to retire and get a civilian job to help support this new hobby, which turned into a racing career about half way through that first year. The off-season is being used to bring the original stock 2.0 liter (200,000 mile) motor to true competitive status. We still haven’t found that second racer, but one step at a time.

"In the pit" at HSR West

We can’t imagine a better first year, a better group of people to be with, or a better team to support this ten car field. The HSR West 2.0 liter Porsche Series has attracted about thirty-five cars in its first year, and the future looks bright.

Anyone out there who thinks this might be the place to progress from autocrossing or time trialing should contact Ed Swart at HSR West, or one of the many local shops that can build and support cars for this vintage program. Venues have or will include WSIR, Thunderhill, Phoenix (PIR), Las Vegas, Road America, Laguna Seca, Buttonwillow and the California Speedway. The series is open to all Porsche 911s (’71 and older), 914s, 914-6s and 356s with 2.0 liter motors. Not only does HSR West give trophies, but there are end of season cash prizes as well. Does that make us professionals? Where’s my tax guy?

Back row: Wayne Baker, Stanley Gold, Rich Banks, Eric Whelms, Christie Eastridge, Leslie Shirley, Nancy Baker, Nancy Baker, Tom, Melissa Leonesio, Frank Leonesio, Naomi Gauthier, Scott Gauthier, Ann Kopacz

Front row: Mrs. Dick Banks, Dick Fowler, Rover the dog, Brant Parsons, Skip Shirley

New Restoration Projects @ Personalized Autohaus

A picture says more than a thousand words...

We have received this 1956 Speedster for a complete Restoration to restore its original beauty. It will be restored to its original exterior color, interior upholstering, engine and period correct accessories  by Personalized Autohaus

Engine needs complete re-build
Side-trim is missing, side view mirror not original

Original color "Poyantha Red" (which is an only '56 color) is showing uder dash board....

Front bumper is also not original....

Brake lights have been updated but will be restored to period correct fixtures

All around this Speedster is a beautiful car in great condition and will be in pristine original condition once restored :)

Our next ongoing Restoration project is this '64 Coupe that came in pieces to the shop.

It is a major restoration job with a lot of body work, but once done will be amazing!

Check out these retro brown seats...

In the body shop now....

Will keep you updated about the progress of both these cars and when completed we will post before and after photos! Thanks for the team working hard at Personalized Autohaus: chief mechanic Glenn Roberts; certified mechanic Eric Benner and shop owner Wayne Baker; who is restoring the engines.