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How to buy a used Porsche by Personalized Autohaus

Finding the right Porsche can be a great adventure but it can also be a little daunting as well. Here are some tips that will make searching for the right Porsche at the right price a little easier.
Looking to buy a used Porsche? Then there are a few things that you need to be looking out for before you purchase your new pride and joy.

 Personalized Autohaus shop front with Carreras

Before selecting which model of used Porsche you are going to purchase put the finance in place first - this will save time as you will know which model of used Porsche you can afford right from the beginning.
When a used Porsche has caught your eye, make sure you give it a good inspection before parting with any money and do not make a decision to purchase without taking the car out for a test drive. When on a test drive try and put the car through its paces - fast motorway driving, urban driving, twisting country roads and don't forget to check reverse!
Check the bodywork of the used Porsche, make sure there is no corrosion or rust - surface blisters can be dealt with quite easily but corrosion from inside panels is more serious - make sure you check the top and rear of the front wings, along side sills and the underside of the doors. Push on any areas you may think are corroded with your thumb and if you hear a cracking sound it is a fairly good indicator of advanced corrosion.

Make sure there is no collision damage, a used Porsche that has been in a collision can be dangerous - inspect the engine bay panels for signs of creasing or welding, check there is also no 'pull' on the steering when on a test drive.
Have a look at the engine and its compartment on the used Porsche - a very dirty engine can mean a neglected one but a sparkling clean one could mean it has been cleaned to disguise any problems such as oil leaks.
There are also more obvious things that you should check before you buy - make sure it has a full service history and check the registration and chassis number matches with those on the documents.
The final thing I would suggest that you do is take it to the garage shop you will be using to regularly service the used Porsche and ask for an inspection. The mechanic who undertakes the inspection will not be able to tell you what to do, but depending on the outcome, you should have a good idea as to whether or not to part with your hard earned cash for your new car.

Contact Personalized Autohaus if you are looking to purchase a used Porsche and need a PPI pre-purchase inspection by our experts Wayne Baker owner or Glenn Roberts mechanic (pictured above) CALL (858) 586-7771 and check out the current cars for sale:

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Taking care of your Volvo - by Personalized Autohaus

Taking the best care of your Volvo is important to how long it runs well. A Volvo is a dependable vehicle and by choosing only originally manufactured Volvo OEM parts, your car will outlast many others out on the roads.
One reason many people have troubles with certain makes and models of cars is the use of aftermarket parts on them. Many parts will not work well in engines that those parts were not specifically designed for. Make sure this is not a problem you will have to deal with by choosing a reputable Volvo parts dealer for parts and accessories.

Taking your vehicle in for regular maintenance is an important part of its high performance. Choose a mechanic that is trained and qualified to repair Volvo engines. Risking your car to someone that is not qualified is an expensive risk.

Selecting accessories for a car should also be done through your experts you can trust to give you parts and service worthy of the Volvo name. Be sure to add the accessories that will help to make your car more comfortable while also adding the ones that will help to protect your investment. Choose from decals, car covers, and interior accessories that will enhance the style and comfort.

The privilege of driving a Volvo is great, especially when that car is in top running condition. You can depend on a Volvo to never leave you stranded when you take good care of it with only the parts meant for it.

Always consult Erik Benner our Certified Volvo Master Technician for any Service and Repair needed on your Volvo to ensure long life of vehicle! Call Personalized Autohaus at (858) 586-7771  to set up an appointment. Check out our website  We offer 15% Labor Discount for first time customers and Free oil filter with oil change!

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Calendar Highlights for Nov 2012 - by PCA

Calendar Highlights from around the Zone 8: Nov 2 through Nov 24
Nov 4, Orange Coast Region, El Toro,  The ninth event of the 2012 season is almost here, don’t miss out.
Nov 10, Arizona Region, Tempe Diablo Stadium,
Nov 24, San Diego Region, Qualcomm Stadium,

                                        2nd Saturdays of the month @Studio Diner, San Diego

Breakfast Clubs, Cars & Coffee, etc.

These a very popular and casual way to spend some time with the club with a minimal commitment of time and energy. Stay for an hour or stay for three, have breakfast or just a cup of coffee. Kick some tires and tell lies about your racing prowess. Show off your car, impress your buddies or just hang out.
Nov 3:
Santa Barbara Region, Way Point Café, Camarillo
Riverside Region, Farmhouse Restaurant, Banning
Orange Coast Region, Original Mike’s Restaurant, Santa Ana
Grand Prix Region, Frisco’s Carhop, Long Beach
Cal Inland Region, Greenhouse Café, Lancaster
Las Vegas Region, Egg Works, Las Vegas
Nov 10:
Santa Barbara Region, Moby Dick’s Restaurant, Santa Barbara
San Diego Region, Krispy Kreme, Clairemont
San Diego, Studio Diner 4701 Ruffin Rd. 
Nov 17:
Orange Coast Region, Krispy Kreme, Orange
San Gabriel Valley Region, Coco’s, Arcadia
Nov 24:
Orange Coast Region, Woody’s Diner, Newport Beach
San Diego Region, Carlsbad Premium Outlets, Carlsbad
Los Angeles Region, Spitfire Grille, Santa Monica
Golden Empire Region, “the garage” (See )

Nov 3, Arizona Region, (Zone 8 points event)  This event is part of Phoenix Flight 35, the region’s annual multi-event weekend celebration of all things Porsche
Nov 17, California Inland Region, (Zone 8 points event)

Driving Tours
Nov 10, Riverside Region, Death Valley Tour, Sold out - Sorry
Nov 16-18, Arizona Region,  Wine Tour and DE Weekend, Scenic drives, winery visits, dinners & lunches, and a chance to join the Southern Arizona Region for their DE, as a participant or just to watch and/or do Parade laps.
Nov 17, Orange Coast Region, Toys for Tots Tour, Join with the Marine Corps in their annual drive to help disadvantage youth during the holiday season.
Nov 17, Santa Barbara Region, Mike Malamut’s Museum Tour, spirited driving, BBQ lunch and a great vintage car museum

Driver’s Ed/Time Trial/Club Race
Nov 2, Grand Prix Region, Button Willow Prelude to the Double Crown! Come out to test & tune or warm-up to the track. Perfect for novices!
Nov 3-4, San Diego Region, Button Willow, San Diego’s first annual Double Crown Event.  Register for the club race here:  Otherwise:  (The Time Trial is a Zone 8 points event)
Nov 17, Grand Prix/San Gabriel Valley Regions, LA Fairplex in Pomona, Instructor Day at the Track,
Nov 18, Grand Prix/San Gabriel Valley Regions, LA Fairplex in Pomona, DE & Time Trial (Zone 8 Points event),
Nov 17 & 18, Southern Arizona Region, Driver’s Ed, Inde Motorsports Ranch,

Nov 3, Arizona Region, Phoenix Flight 35 Banquet  This event is also part of Phoenix Flight 35
Nov 9, Southern Arizona Region, Cruising with the ‘Vettes,  The Corvette Club has invited PCA along for some great pizza, bench racing and a Best in Show contest for each marque
Nov 10, California Central Coast Region, New Member’s BBQ,  New member’s eat for free! Come out and see what this club is all about. Make new friends, see what makes PCA great!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SOLD!!! Vintage Porsche Race car

SOLD! - RACE READY 1970 914/6 GT Vintage Racecar 210 HP 2.0 LTR engine

Successfully raced with Wayne Baker Racing since 2003. Many podium finishes at Daytona, Road America, Sebring, Watkins Glen, Miller Motorsport, more.
Reliable and Great Performer! Original 914/6. 2.0 Liter race engine built for torque and reliability with 210 Horsepower. VIN# 914 043/435. Built by Personalized Autohaus/Wayne Baker Racing. Race-prepped and ready for the track. For more info call Wayne Baker's Cell (619) 743-1356

 At Road America in September 2012

 Wayne Baker and Tony Kopacz at Road America with the 914/6

Wayne Baker Racing provides Vintage Race Support, Transport and driver Mentoring. Race car is located in San Diego, CA. Call Wayne Baker for more information (858) 586-7771 or Cell (619) 743-1356 

Updated with Engine, Interior & Transmission Pictures: 


Monday, October 22, 2012

"An Inside Championship" by Wayne Baker

Editor's note: Too often the excitement of motorsport is seen from the outside. What goes on behind the colorful facade remains the property of the participants. Such, however, is not the case with Wayne Baker's championship winning Porsche 934 GTO team.
We contacted Baker at the beginning of 1983  about giving Porsche Year an exclusive insider's view of what it's like to be the top contender in one of this country's most prestigious series. We could not know then that Baker and his crew would experience one of the most tumultuous seasons in the history of IMSA's long running Camel GT.
What follows is Baker's own account of those hectic months during which the team scored the first-ever overall victory by a GTO car at the famed Sebring 12-Hour endurance classic, and the suffered a devastating fire at Sears Point in July that nearly ended Baker's title hopes.

 It was a struggle to make the Daytona 24-Hour Pepsi Challange. We had gone to John Bishop, the president of the International Motor Sports Association near the end of 1982 to discuss the GTO rules for the following season. As a result of those discussions, and some subsequent changes in the GTO regulations, we came away convinced that a revamped Porsche 934 Turbo could win the championship, especially since IMSA would permit much of the technology developed for the 935 to be used on the 934.
Our first problem was to acquire a car. By November we had sitting in our shops the shell of Bob Garretson's old number nine 935 K-3 that he, Bobby Rahal, and Brian Redman had driven to victory at the 935 body panels, suspension or drivetrain, the stripped body looked far more like a refugee from a junkyard, than the foundation for  a front-runner race car. The task of "converting" the 935 into our 834, which we affectionately nicknamed "Big Orange" was a three-month task. In fact, it took a "Cannonball" type 43-hour cross country banzai trip, in order to get to Daytona on time.

Nevertheless, we had hopes of doing reasonably well since we felt that Big Orange was indeed a potential championship winning entry. As it stood in the Daytona garage area Big Orange had a single plug 3.2-liter engine that was more akin to a 935 than a 934. With a huge air-to-air intercooler mounted in the rear spoiler and connected to a KKK 36 turbo, not only could we call on more than 600 horsepower, but we had eliminated almost all the throttle lag that had plagued the 934's single turbo set up in the past.
Even though we didn't have a chance to do much more than make sure nothing fell off and get the car qualified, we did find out that it really handled well. The 12-inch wide rims at the back meant that we could use Firestones that put a 14-inch wide contact patch on the pavement. And, that really helped.
Jim Mullen and Bob (Garretson) came down to co-drive. Despite some of our own problems, not to mention a torrential downpour Sunday that forced the race to be halted for a while while during the late morning, we finished ninth overall, and fourth in GTO. It may not have been the best outcome, but considering everything it was one we could live with.

 Wayne Baker sprays the press with champagne after winning the GTO category at Road Atlanta. 
Road Atlanta was just one victory among many Baker scored during 1983 on his way to the Camel GTO crown.

 About the only problem we had during the 12-Hour were the six flats we suffered because of debris on the course. By nine o'clock in the evening with two hours left, we were fourth overall and second in GTO behind the Daytona winning Mazda of Pete Halsmer and Rick Knoop.  That class position changed when their brake rotor exploded, putting us first in GTO. Still, I didn't know about what was happening up front in those last two hours since I was busy coping with Big Orange's steering which was showing distinct signs of weariness. I later found out that the two overall leaders had more than their own share of difficulties. What I also didn't know was that their troubles had put us ahead of them.

Indeed, I couldn't understand why Greg wouldn't let me come in check the steering. He told me over the radio that no matter what happened I was to stay out on course.
When we finally took the checkered flag we were one and a half minutes ahead of Bob Akin's 935. As I crossed the line, though, I thought we were just first in GTO. Greg had to shout to me several times on the radio that we were number one overall before I knew what we had done.
I can't tell you what a feeling it is to make history.

[Sebring had never been won by a GTO division car since IMSA had separated the Camel series into three categories]. All I know is we celebrated a great deal, and that it took awhile the accomplishment to sink in. Our whole crew deserve praise, especially Greg and our always present engine builder Jerry Woods, without whom there wouldn't have been a car to race. Bob Garretson was another helping hand who contributed much to our success.

 Baker in the hairpin at Sebring where he, Jim Mullen and Kees Nierop scored an historic overall win with their Porsche 934. It was the first time a GTO division car had beaten the supposedly faster prototypes in the 12-Hour race.

Still, if times had seem difficult before, they did not compare with what came next. The late July Spears Point round was right in our backyard. Seeking perfection, we took Big Orange from our San Jose headquarters to the track for open practice on Thursday. Jim was driving when  he spun on some oil and got into the tire wall at Turn Five.  The heat of the exhaust lit off the grass, and by the time the fire truck got to the scene, the back half of Big Orange was destroyed. Moreover, in trying to help get things under control, one of our crew, Mike Prewitt, was knocked down by an exploding tire. Fortunately he wasn't seriously injured and was back with us two days later.

Without going into all the details, we scrapped our initial decision to skip Sears and rebuild the car for Portland, which was to be held the week later. Instead we plunged into a two-day, all-night attempt to get the car ready for Saturday qualifying at the San Fransisco Bay Area track. It took 40 hours straight, but we did. From what was a wrecked car on Thursday, we had fourth place grid position among our GTO peers.
It was hard work, made even harder by the troubles which dogged us the latter part of the season. Still, it was worth it. As for 1984?That's something we'll figure out in the near future. Whatever it is, one thing's certain-we're coming back- bigger and better than before.

Jeanne Kuchenmeister is the possessor of a very special medal, the one given to Wayne Baker for winning Sebring outright with his Porsche 934.
...her support, as well as the support of her late husband , Fred, were instrumental in moving the whole GTO Baker project along. Baker acknowledged this when he renamed Big Orange "Fred's School Bus"; for the 12-Hour race.

Final Editions
Wayne Baker's number 9 may be the last Porsche 935's ever built. Baker's is a reconversion of his well-traveled 1983 GTO title-winning 934.

Source: Originally published in Porsche Year 1983-84 by Susann Miller, all photos are original archive 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Maintaining Your Volvo Car

Volvo cars are tough, safe and reliable and repairs are rare. All you need to do is to ensure that you maintain your car well and take meticulous care of it at all times. Listen to the warnings its give, listen to the sounds it makes and adhere to your maintenance program at all times. Ensure that you use the maintenance kits provided by Volvo at all times and use genuine Volvo parts when you replace them in your car. You will find that the car is economical to maintain and repairs are few and far between!

Check your car's electrical system. It is important to keep them functional as they ensure the health and reliability of your car. The major components are the battery, the alternator, the wiring, fuses, switches and relays. The battery is vital for starting the engine or running the electrical instruments that come with your car. 

Check the oil in your Volvo. If the oil light comes on in your Volvo it is time for action.Time for an oil change! It will be followed by a thumping and knocking sound. The car can stop dead in the middle of nowhere if every drop of oil is sucked dry. The engine will have to be trashed.

Check your brakes. If you are driving in rain put on the antilock brakes and stomp and steer. Test your car without antilock brakes, pump them and avoid wheel lock up.
 Erik Benner Certified Volvo Master Tech. at Personalized Autohaus uses authentic Volvo diagnostics tools

Always consult your Certified Volvo Master Technician for any Service and Repair needed on your Volvo to ensure long life of vehicle! Call Personalized Autohaus at (858) 586-7771  to set up an appointment. Check out our website  
We offer 15% Labor Discount for first time customers and Free oil filter with oil change!

Sebring Fans - by Sports Car International

I found this article in the 1992 issue about Spring Break in Sebring. I have started to read the pretty interesting article about the sub-culture of fans surrounding the tracks and racing world.

Then I stumbled upon a paragraph about Wayne Baker racing back in 1983; here it goes:

Wayne Baker in his winning Porsche 934  in 1983 (photo taken at Mid-Ohio by Jack Webster)
It can be a rough crowd for drinkers. One group tried to sell the passed-out body of a mate for $40 - listing him as a rare "Beer-o-saurus". Times being tough, they were willing to take a case of beer in trade. Another group listed itself as " Drunks against MADD Mothers". In 1983 an inebriated fan wandered out to trackside at the old high-speed turn one to get a closer look, forcing eventual winner Wayne Baker to take evasive action and run off course. It was the same wild, weird year when water in fuel supplies knocked out the leading GTP car, giving Baker's GTO-class Porsche 934 one of Sebring's biggest upsets. 

This prompted me to verify the story with Wayne Baker: he said it happened in an instant and he just acted out of instinct. He seen a figure in the corner of his eyes what seemed like a blue shirt and blue pants wondering at the track and he swerved his car racing over 150 mph and barely avoided a potentially fatal collision. Luckily he ended up winning Sebring that year.

Wayne Baker (in center), Nierop and Mullen were the first ever to win an overall race in the GTO category.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

San Diego PCA events coming up by Windblown Witness

October 27, 2012 7am-9am 

 Cars and Coffee (Cbad Cars) – Carlsbad Premium Outlets

Cbad Cars is a recurring event every last Saturday of each month from 7am to 9am at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets off Palomar Airport Rd where all car enthusiasts, no matter what their background or interest is, can gather.

October 30, 2012 6pm-8pm  

Last Tuesday Social  – Yanni’s Bistro (Poway)

It’s so delicious and such a wonderful venue, so it’s back to Yanni’s Bistro we go.

November 3-4, 2012 

Our final event of the year is at Buttonwillow, one of Southern California’s favorite tracks.  If you’re a Time Trialer who’s been competing for points, this event will determine the winners. And here’s your opportunity to Club Race at the same event.

November 10, 2012 8:30 am -10:30 am

Krispy Kreme and Cars

Join your Porsche friends for Krispy Kreme and Cars at Clairemont Mesa at the Clairemont Town Square Shopping Center. Meets from 8:30am – 10:30am.
Start at around 8:30 AM which should provide for fresh hot donuts. Use the parking area next to the Outback Steakhouse which is just behind the Krispy Kreme as the rendezvous point. Nothing formal and no RSVP needed. Show up for food or coffee and be prepared to make Porsche friends and see their cars.

November 24, 2012 6:30 am -5:00 pm

Autocross – QualComm Stadium West Lot

Come out and join in the fun of the last “points” autocross of the year. This is your last chance to secure your trophy.

November 24, 2012 7 am - 9 am

Cars and Coffee (Cbad Cars) – Carlsbad Premium Outlets

Cbad Cars is a recurring event every Saturday of each month from 7am to 9am at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets off Palomar Airport Rd where all car enthusiasts, no matter what their background or interest is, can gather.

November 27, 2012 6 pm- 8 pm

Last Tuesday Social – Mexi-Cocina (Poway)

Meet at Mexi-Cocina in Poway for the last LTS of the year.

November 30, 2012

LA Auto Show – Nov 30 thru Dec 9

See the future unveiled. The LA Auto Show opens to the public Nov 30 - Dec 9. Tickets are $12.
Weekdays: 11am – 10pm Saturdays: 9am – 10pm Sundays: 9am – 8pm

Smog related Repairs on Volvo

California has one of the strictest laws when it comes to smog checks. This follows that there are a lot of smog test centers all around town so that already gives you a heads up on what to expect. If your vehicle fails the smog test you will need to make the required repairs.

If you need an auto repair you should always trust your Volvo with a Certified Volvo Master Technician like Eric Benner at Personalized Autohaus. Eric will always review the estimate for the additional repairs needed then proceeded to inspect the vehicle at no cost. He will always consult and show the customer his findings.

Bottom line, you need to know what your options are before getting something done. Sometimes, you may not realize it but investing just a little of your time knowing your options can already make a big difference and save you a lot of money. So the next time you need an auto repair, quality service and affordable price always remember to call Personalized Autohaus at (858) 586-7771 and get those repairs done right, the first time.

Trust Personalized Autohaus wihen you're looking to buy a Porsche 356

    1964 356 Coupe's previous owners Dona and Julia R. relieved to have happy new owner Sandy A. for their precious vehicle.

A little about 356 Coupe history: In the eye's of many collectors and enthusiasts, it was the best of the line. It was the most advanced, developed and sophisticated in the series. The problems and shortcomings of the early 356 models had all been worked out by the time production began on the 356C. The 1582cc overhead valve opposed four-cylinder engine was capable of producing 75 horsepower. The four-wheel disc brakes was more than adequate to stop the small 82.7 inch wheelbase vehicle while the four-wheel independent suspension was very mature and its handling characteristics were nearly flawless.

Contact Personalized Autohaus if you are looking to purchase a vintage Porsche or need a PPI pre-purchase inspection by the expert Wayne Baker owner call (858) 586-7771 and check out the current cars for sale:

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356 Club Fall Festival - Yosemite

Personalized Autohaus' customer 1962 Twin-Grille Roadster "Tigger" had an amazing time at the Fall Festival in Yosemite, CA.
About a hundred or so cars attended the event and the Porsche enthusiasts stayed at the lodge in the National Park.
"Tigger" has won the First place in the wash and shine category as we reported in a previous blog story.
Here are some snapshots from the trip:

 Sandy A. is driving at the tour through Yosemite

Personalized Autohaus is a proud service provider of "Tigger". 
Visit our website or call us at the shop (858) 586-7771 to get a free consultation with our Porsche specialist and business owner Wayne Baker!