Tuesday, June 26, 2012

FOR SALE: 1909 Model T


1909 Model T Ford

Chassis/Engine No. 5357
1932.7 miles accumulated since 1985 (total original miles around 3000)
Build date: June 21, 1909
The family of the original owner of this Model T donated the car to the Pettit Museum in Virginia after
the owner did not return from the war. In 1983, the Museum was closing due to highway interference
and most of the cars were being auctioned off. In 1983, Jim Cooley of San Diego, bought the car from
the auction. I, Wayne Baker, bought the car from Mr. Cooley in 1985.

After tinkering with the car upon taking possession, I got the car running (after more than 60 years of sitting idle). But because the car had been sitting for so many years, condensation had built up in the engine so it was torn down and pistons replaced (.010 thousands over-size). All babbet is original and standard. The car was repainted in 1985 Carmen Red. The canvas top was replaced and is like new and still has all of the original bows. The car has the original leather interior which shows it’s patina after 103 years.
The chassis has rare aluminum sheet metal built by Pontiac and has the original wooden-spoke wheels. It has a 2-speed Ruxtall rear-end and small Rocky Mountain rear brakes. It has the original wood frame body and floor boards and the radiator is all original too. All the brass lights and fixtures are in beautiful condition.
Original windshield installed by us and was offered as an option by the factory.
We are members of the La Jolla Region Horseless Carriage Club, Model T Ford Club of San Diego and the National Model T Ford Club and have gone on many local tours with the clubs.
I have owned this car for 27 years and feel it is time to pass it on to a good home.
Asking $125,000
Wayne Baker
(858) 586-7771 days M-F 7:00-4:00  Cell (619) 743-1356  waynebaker@earthlink.net

Wayne and Nancy Baker won 3rd place in class with the 1909 Model T at The La Jolla Concours d'Elegance in 2010


  1. Belongs in a museum! Did You know??
    HUNGARIAN Jozsef Galamb designed the world's first affordable car the Ford Model T.
    Galamb joined the Ford Motor Company (twenty-four years old at that time) as a designer in December 1905.The Ford Motor Company had 300 employees at the time assembling the Ford Model A from purchased parts. Subsequent to redesigning the cooling system for the Model N, he became the chief designer of the company, and devised many of the parts of the famous Model T. He was one of the co-developers of the assembly line in 1913.

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