Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why You Should Bring Your Porsche to Personalized Autohaus

If you own a vintage Porsche you obviously care a lot about your car. Why take it anywhere else but to a place that has decades of experience working with and repairing Porsches of all kinds. Personalized Autohaus has been open since 1974 and has many long time happy customers. Take a look at what some people have to say about the superior quality care and service that is provided at Personalized Autohaus.
“Personalized Autohaus is the only shop that I would bring my Porsche to.  Their ability to diagnose issues and solve problems means the job gets done right the first time…Wayne and Nancy’s network in the Porsche community is unmatched in sourcing rare, hard to find parts and cars and their experience in repair and service of these cars is unparalleled.”
“You have performed flawless work on my 356 Porsches over the years.  Most recently my 1957 speedster, engine, trans, new wiring harness, brakes. Total rebuild of all components about three years ago and all are working wonderfully. Keep up the good work.”
"Our family has been Porsche owners for over 45 years.  When we found Wayne Baker at Personalized Autohaus to service and maintain our cars, we discovered a truly gifted Porsche pro. Wayne and his staff use their mechanical skills and experienced insight to fix even the most difficult automotive problems. They're the best! "
It’s clear, whether you are a Porsche racing pro or simply a weekend warrior who enjoys driving as a hobby, Personalized Autohaus is the perfect place to bring your car for tune ups and maintenance. Let Wayne Baker and his team of professional certified mechanics treat your Porsche, Volvo or BMW the way it deserves to be treated.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Porsche Maintenance Essentials

Personalized Autohaus is a great place to go for Porsche services like breaks, engine overhauls, restorations and various diagnostic services as well as any other type of repair the vehicle might need. There are a lot of things you can do at home to ensure that your Porsche runs at optimal levels without being in the shop. Below is a short list of things to check for to ensure a healthy vehicle.
Check Fluids – fluid checks are essential for maintaining a healthy car. Check your oil, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid (if present), auto transmission fluid (if present), hydraulic clutch fluid (if present) and windshield washer fluid on a regular basis. Check the car manual or with the mechanics at Autohaus to find out which fluids to use before you add them.
Check Hoses - Old radiator hoses or loose clamps can cause coolant leaks, which will lead to overheating and expensive repairs. Check hoses periodically and replace them if they're aged or leaking. It’s a good idea to replace the upper and lower radiator hoses whenever your replace your water pump or radiator.